Popular styles of Latin Dance

Latin dances are characterised by strong movements and have an element of quirkiness in the most flexible form. Latin dance is hailed from various countries of South and Central America. Yet, the dance forms go beyond these regions. Most of the dance styles have flair in them. Latin dances can be learnt in the workshops which have trained professionals. The rythoms of Latin dance are irresistible. Here is a guide on the Latin dance classes.


Cha Cha Cha- The dance form hails from Cuba and is characterised by Cuban dance form. The basic movement of dance form includes forward and backward swing. On the count of three the steps are performed. Much of the weight is added in between the feet.


Bachata- hailing from the Dominion Republic, this dance form and the pattern of beat is on the count of four. Dancers sway from side to side and in the side three steps are taken by a pause. Pronounced hip movement is the eye catching step. The style is polished in all its essence.


Samba- Originated in Brazil, the music is matched according to the dance. The dance form can be done with or without the partner. Speed and pace of the dance is in sync with the music. It is a wide range of dance which is popular in the Carnival events.


Rumba- Rumba also hails from Cuba. It comprises of two fast paced step followed by a slow step in the third level. Execution is done by two beats. It follows a box like pattern.


Salsa- originated in the Caribbean it also has an African fusion. The combination supports four beat patterns which has two quick steps and a pause with a slow step. Footwork pattern from the couples gives a twist to the style which is sizzling to watch.

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